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NEW! Print.BattSkins - Custom Stickers, Decals, Banners & MORE!
NEW! Print.BattSkins - Stickers, Decals, Banners & MORE!


Custom Skins for Vape Batteries!

Brand Your Business Using Custom Battery Skins!

How to use BattSkins Battery Skins for Your Business Marketing!

Although many businesses today utilize social media for their brand recognition purposes, traditional methods such as battery skins still stand effective and are overlooked. These methods have surprisingly impactful results that lead to an elevated recognition for business brands and products.

Regardless of if you are a smoke shop owner, established or new cannabis brand, or social media influencer, branded vinyl skins will prove to be an effective way to get your business out in a tangible manner. Using elaborate and informational skins, customers can enjoy an extra piece of protection and add personality to their products while repping your brand. The 3 main reasons customers enjoy vinyl wraps for their batteries include:

  • Personality: 

    • Skins are a great way for users to customize their batteries to either add a discreet factor or show off their personal touch. Users often like to decorate their batteries with skins for these key reasons. 
  • Protection:

    • Vinyl skins add a great deal of protection to batteries from scratches and wear/tear with use. They can keep their battery looking new for longer!
    • Easy Application & Cost:

      • Typically, batteries can cost a pretty penny. So having something that is inexpensive to protect it and easy to apply is a plus for users.
      Custom Battery Skins for Your Brand!

      If you are interested in using BattSkins to promote your business, email us at or fill out the Contact US form! 

      In addition to vinyl skins for batteries, BattSkins can also help your brand with custom stickers, car decals, Apple iPhone/Macbook/iPad skins, window decals, and more! Your marketing experience can be curated to the type of business and message you are trying to promote:

      Trade Shows/ Business Conference

      Looking to promote your brand at an upcoming trade show or business conference? BattSkins has helped brands such as DubCharge create custom skins for their marketing efforts. Hand out individually packaged skins, custom cut for your device, or your device with skins already applied. Battskins does it all: from precision prints and measurements, we can and that extra oomph your batteries need for your next big event!



      Own a retail store? Whether you are local or operate in multiple locations, custom skins for products you sell can be a great way to show off your business! Retailers, such as smoke shops, use BattSkins’ custom skins to brand their storefront to customers. For example, if a customer purchases the DubCharge V3 battery, the retailer includes a complimentary skin for that battery decorated with their store name, contact, and address. The skins are advertised as decorative and protective for their battery. Customers use the skins & are unconsciously showing off the brand to their friends/colleagues when the battery is in use!

      Influencers/Social Media Affiliates

      BattSkins partners with affiliates to create custom skins specific for their audiences! Do your social media followers want to rep your brand? Custom skins are a great way to allow your fans to customize their device with your brand. Learn more about how to partner with BattSkins to sell your custom skins on our platform as an affiliate or bulk order skins. For more information, email us at!


      Custom Battery Skins for Your Brand!



      We want your custom products to look great and with custom BattSkins, your promotional goals can be easy to accomplish! Here are a few common questions brands have prior to their purchase:

      Can I pick my design? 

      • A: You can send us your own files for custom skins - we recommend using a high resolution JPEG or PNG image (up to 15 MB) so we can create the best quality of skins!

      Do I have to provide my own batteries?

      • BattSkins provides the best batteries on the market, DubCharge, to sell with your custom skins! Read more on the features and facts of DubCharge Batteries at!

      How many can I order at once?

      • A: You can order unlimited skins or decals with a single order. The timeline and cost is directly affected by the quantity of skins you choose.

      Is wholesale/bulk ordering available for discount pricing?

      • A: Yes! Wholesale pricing is available for orders that exceed 50 skins of a single design. For more on wholesale pricing, contact us at

      Can I get samples?

      • A: Yes – we offer both digital and print samples to brands that are interested in bulk orders of custom decals.

      How can I place an order?

      • A: To place an order, contact us with the subject line “Custom Skins Request - [Your Brand Name]” and we will reach out with instructions!


      As always, please reach out to us at with questions or inquiries!

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